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How to use DevTools in Firefox to find JSON data in

Movie shows Devtools in Firefox, tab Network, filter XHR.

You can access DevTools using menu Web Developer or key shortcut F12.

After clicking link in DevTools it shows also tabs Headers and Response with JSON data.

Using context menu on link (right mouse click) you can also use Open In New Tab.

Used URL:

This way I found JSON data in GET request to url which I can use with Python and Requests to get these data

import requests

url = ''

payload = {
    'locale': 'en-US',
    #'country': 'PL',
    #'allowCountries': 'PL',

response = requests.get(url, params=payload)
data = response.json()

elements = data['data']['Catalog']['searchStore']['elements']

for item in elements:
    print('title:', item['title'])


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